Pork Jowls (unsliced)

Pork Jowls (unsliced)

.9 lb. avg/pkg

Okfuskee Farm, located 4 miles from the CFW farm in Siler City, raises pork that comes from a cross of the American Guinea Hog and the Ossabaw Island Pig. Their pigs are raised in an intensive, rotational system as a tool for land regeneration, invasive species control, and orchard pest management. These smaller breeds were selected, because they are not heavy rooters and are well-suited to low-input, forage-based production systems. They are rarely kept in one location for longer than 5 days, which minimizes ecosystem damage while maintaining a consistently diverse diet of mixed forages, shallow roots,and ground-fall mast. The pig's diet is supplemented with cull trail mix, non-GMO feed, and cull produce. No de-wormers, anti-biotics, or growth hormones are used. These pigs are slow raised, and over 1.5 years of age before slaughter. For the life of a pig, we provide ours one of the best as shown in the flavor and quality of the pork.


smoked pork, salt, cane sugar, natural flavor (celery juice powder), sea salt. *no nitrate/nitrites added except for naturally occurring ones found in celery juice powder and sea salt.

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